Freeze mob marks start of Local Democracy Week

A group of Penangites comprising mainly youths staged a freeze mob last Sunday at Queensbay Mall to mark the start of the local democracy week.

Twenty three people participated in the freeze mob, which was staged twice with each freeze lasted between three and five minutes.

Among the notable people who attended the freeze mob were Ong Chin Wen, the state assemblyman for Bukit Tengah, Chin Khuan Sui and Tan Seng Keat. Chin recently won 2nd most votes in a mock local election for councillors organized by the Penang Forum, a coalition of non-governmental organization (NGO). Tan is the deputy chairman of the Keadilan Bayan Baru branch.

Others include Ong Jing Cheng, Haris Zuan, Rozaimin and Teo Su

e Lin; all of whom are passionate youths who participate actively in the local scene advocating social reform, justice and human rights.

“It was a highly successful event,” quipped Teo Sue Lin, a 21 year old student and part-time model who helped co-ordinate the freeze mob.

The freeze mob attracted surprised shoppers who were curious to find out more what the commotion was about. Some of the passers-by even joined in the freeze. Pamphlets were then distributed to these amused onlookers to create awareness for the local democracy week.

“We will use  the videos taken for this event and post it up on Facebook. We hope that it will create a ‘viral wave’ that people would want to share (the video) with their other friends like how it was done with SuperKen,” Sue Lin said, referring to a similar freeze mob undertaken to promote the mock Local Council Elections which was held in November this year. Ken won the highest number of votes.