Prangin Canal: Largest mud-ball throwing event

Hope International Ministries successfully organized the largest mud-ball throwing event to clean up the Prangin Canal in conjunction with the state government’s effort for the ‘Cleaner Greener Penang’ programme.

A total of 1,500 people from all over Malaysia including two foreign teams from Taiwan and Singapore respectively, participated to make 20,000 enzyme mud-balls which was later thrown into the canal.

The Komtar Walk car park came to life yesterday afternoon charged with enthusiasm with a host of lively chatter and excited people all around.

Sim Tze Tzin officiated the event at around 2 p.m. He said to the rousing crowd: “You are the guest of honour. Because of you, Penang will continue to lead with the Environmental Movement”.

Zechariah Hiew, the chairman of Hope Penang, a non-governmental orginazation (NGO) and Christian group, revealed that the participants included foreign students from as far as Africa.

“The foreign students have come to Malaysia to further their studies,” he said, adding that these 1,500 participants and church-goers will be staying in Penang until 7th December. Two other teams from Taiwan and Singapore are also part of their church group which has ministries all over South-East Asia.

According to Sim, this event was initially slated to be held at Queensbay but it was moved to George Town due to logistics. He also echoed the sentiments of the participants hoping that this event would be held yearly and on an even larger scale so that it would eventually make it into the Malaysia’s Guiness Book of Records.

The folks at the event were also treated to some traditional music and dance called ‘Sumazau’ from native performers all the way from Sabah.

Video by Leow Beng Hock.