KLPAC's Birdy : A must watch

“Birdy” is modern, touching, entertaining and a little heart-wrenching to watch. It’s a little something unexpected put up by the all-male cast.

Directed by Christopher Ling, “Birdy” is a hypnotic tale of madness, beauty, war and friendship. The play examines the acceptance of two childhood friends, Al and Birdy into one another’s uniqueness, and shares all our hopes that friendship and love can help heal the trauma of war faced by an individual.

Cut adrift by the horrors of war, Birdy is stuck in his own imaginary world. Can Al helps revive his old pal, and brings back the Birdy he once used to know?

The play starts with a sad and deep monotone of the cello, hinting out exactly the mood of the entire play. It opens with two innocent friends, bird-watching and just watches the world pass by in front of their eyes. The play is not hastily made. Each scene seems picture-perfect, as the ensembles fall into their own respective roles.

“Birdy” is brilliantly written and it’s engaging from the opening scene towards the final roll-out. The story is simple, making it easy to follow. The language too, is clear and straight-to-the-point. However, do watch with an open mind due to the number of profanity used in the play.

The play emphasises a lot on emotion and different lighting to set the current mood of the story. It’s emotionally demanding piece of play, but enjoyable nonetheless.

However, what’s utterly annoying is that the entire set up is too large for the small stage, and audiences, especially those seated at the top will find it hard to catch what’s happening slightly below them.

Nevertheless, “Birdy” still delivers its messages and the true meaning of friendship. Go grab your tickets today, because once “Birdy” fly away, there’s nothing left to enjoy – literally. There are surprises in every scene, and make sure you grab the best place in the house and stay for the entire length.

klpac presents “Birdy” from December 2-12, 2010. Tickets are priced at RM38 and RM25 for students and the disabled. Call 03-4047 9000 or visit www.klpac.org for more details.