South American burglary gang nabbed

The attempted burglary by four Latin Americans was foiled when police nabbed them following a tip-off from an alert neighbour of a government retiree in Jalan Chong Kong Lin 2, Ampang, here, yesterday.

Ampang Jaya police chief ACP Abdul Jalil Hassan said in the 10am incident, the neighbour had informed police about seeing the intruders .

He said when police arrived at the victim’s house, they saw a Latin American man and a woman waiting inside a Proton Pesona car nearby and while approaching them, their two accomplices fled from the house to the waiting car.

However, the four suspects aged between 25 and 45, were arrested when the car they were in skidded and hit the road divider.

The car was found to have a false registration number and inside were several devices for breaking into homes.

The initial police investigation found the suspects to be jobless, were staying at a hotel and had entered this country early this year as tourists.

Abdul Jalil said their modus operandi was using the woman to press the house bell and when they realised that no one was in, they would break into the home to steal.

He said the suspects were being remanded for 14 days to facilitate the investigation.