Diwali cheer for MPSJ staffs

The Deepavali celebration specially organized by MPSJ for its Indian staffs recently turned into a mini fiesta when loud Tamil music stormed the council’s Kenanga Hall and staffs were found heartily dancing to it.

Councillor Michael Tamilarason however stole the spotlight as he joined the crowd to dance after several incitements from the council president Adnan Md Ikhsan.

Adnan and MPSJ councillors earlier launched the event; which brought together 90 Indian staffs, by lighting up an oil lamp (kuthu villaku) structure.

In his speech, Adnan thanked the staffs for their contributions to MPSJ and wished them a happy Deepavali.

Councillor K. Arumugam, on the other hand, asked the community members to step out to develop and express themselves.

“We have to learn to express ourselves so that others will understand us,” he said.

He also urged them to work together to make MPSJ one of the best municipal councils.

The event also saw continuous entertainment with music, songs and cultural dances alongside a buffet hi-tea.