MPSJ and JAIS raid couples committing khalwat

JAIS arrested 3 muslim women under suspicion of khalwat (close proximity) last night at Taman Perindustrian Puchong.

The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) and MPSJ nabbed the three women aged 18 to 22 under a joint operation.

JAIS officers handcuffed two women as they failed to prove their marriage with the male partners who were staying in their rooms.

Another woman was taken away as the authorities found her couple photo with a non-Muslim Chinese man when JAIS raided their rooms.

JAIS also took the laminated photo as evidence.

When asked what action would be taken on the male partner, a JAIS officer who requested anonymity said the agency can only deal with the Muslim offender.

Adnan (left) looked at the couple photo raided

The operation also exposed some house owners who have modified their original three-room unit into a 10-room one to shelter the khalwat couples and illegal immigrants.

A thin wooden partition is used to separate rooms and hygiene was found wanting under such environment.

MPSJ council president, Adnan Md Ikhsan, said rental of such rooms is about RM170 a month.

He said some tenants attributed their factory jobs as the reason for them to stay there.

He also said owners who have illegally modified their houses will be issued a compound under Local Drainage, Roads and Buildings Act 133.

“The compound carries a maximum fine of RM25,000 to the property owner,”