‘Transformable’ Petronas advertising pole is safe and legal

The Petronas unipole at USJ 6 that serves both advertising and telecommunicational functions is not an illegal structure, said Subang Jaya Municipal Council president Adnan Ikhsan today.

He said the council has approved the unipole; which residents shockingly found out to be a telecommunication transmitter, on November 2, 2010.

“The applicant has filed in an application on July 21 and all documentation and conditions required by the telecommunication transmitter structure building guideline were met by the party on September 8, 2010,” he said.

He said under the 2007 guideline, telecommunication pylons were allowed in billboard structures to avoid mess caused by too many structures within a municipality.

As for residents who are wary that such structures might pose potential harm to their health, Adnan said conclusions drawn by the Health Ministry and nuclear agency in Malaysia indicated that radiations from the towers are at safe levels.

“(The radiation) is at the same spectrum like other electronic devices such as radio and television. It is safe,” he said.

A resident highlighted concern to Komuntikini two weeks ago when strong wind exposed both flap-side of the Petronas logo unipole, showing antennas seemingly used for telecommunication functions.

Residents worried that irresponsible companies might have worked in cahoots with petro kiosks to camouflage telecommunication structures inside the advertising unipole.

Meanwhile, a worker at the petrol kiosk told Komunitikini that Maxis is using the tower for their telecommunication service.

He added Digi has too shown interest in the “unipole pylon”.