Selangor to extend “no plastic bag” day

Selangor is mulling to add an additional day to its “No Plastic Bag” campaign following high approval rates from the people, State Tourism, Consumerism and Environment Committee chairman Elizabeth Wong said.

Wong said a survey done by Merdeka Centre in June showed that 83.6% of Selangor residents support the initiative to impose a 20sen charge for a plastic bag every Saturday.

“The federal government will kickstart its nationwide no plastic bag campaign starting January 1, 2011. Selangor government will too add an extra day for our campaign,” she said during her winding up session at the state assembly yesterday.

Dr Shafie Abu Bakar (PAS-Bangi) later interrupted by suggesting the state to close down all of its plastic manufacturing factories.

He said the closure is acceptable since “plastic bag is not something good to the society”.

Wong responded by saying the suggestion is too “radical” as the state does not plan to ban plastic bags.

“Our policy is to infuse awareness among people that plastic bag is not something free,” she said.
She too revealed that Selangor has garnered RM250,000 through the 20 cent charge on plastic bags.
“(The fund) will be channeled out through corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs,” she said.
Meanwhile, Wong said Selangor will focus on resolving the land rights issues of aborigine communities.

She added that issues pertaining to aborigines’ education, health and living standard would be easily tackled once they get their lands.