Pay to enter KLCC skybridge

The management of Petronas Twin Towers Sky Bridge has imposed an entrance fee to those who wish to visit the bridge which connects the 41st and 42nd floor of the twin towers.

Foreign tourists  are required to pay RM10 entrance fees, while Malaysians are charged with a discounted rate of RM3.

In return, the visitors are allowed to stay for 20 minutes at the 58.4 metre bridge as opposed to 15 minutes stay previously.

Skybridge management officer, Justina Jaafar said the new policy as a move in line to support government efforts in tourism.

“(Twin towers) is Malaysia’s landmark, so we don’t want to provide free visit,” said Justina.

She admitted that the world’s third tallest building is emulating other famous skyscrapers in imposing charges on visitors.

“Any towers you go in the world, you need to pay to enter,”

She also called the new policy as an “enhancement”, as level 86 of tower is now opened for public visiting with an entrance fees of RM40.

Taxpayer feels unfair

A University Malaya undergraduate, who requested anonymity, scorned at the new policy.

“They use our money to build the towers, now we Malaysians still need to pay to enter?” said the student who just recently revisited the sky bridge.

Meanwhile, tour coordinator Anuar Ismail said the prime tourist site does not suffer any drop on the number of visitors following the new policy.

“Tourists still request to go there as it is the landmark of Malaysia. They feel their trip being incomplete if they never visit KLCC,”

He added that the charges did not stop visitors from flocking the ticket counter as early as 6am.

Photo courtesy: Jensen Wong

Video: Dawn at KLCC skybridge’s ticket counter, courtesy to Anuar Ismail