Be a bunch of losers

A community weight loss challenge will be held in the Raja Chulan area of Kuala Lumpur starting from 7:45pm. Monday 8 November.

The idea is for all participants to get healthier and lose weight over 12-week period.

There will be information on a range of interesting and helpful topics like what is a healthy breakfast, how much water should I be drinking, calories, nutrition, exercise and a lot more. Participants will receive weekly weigh-in and measurements, weight loss coaching, tips and advice, support, fun and friendship and weekly rewards.

The concept of the community driven event started in the United States, and is now being conducted right here in KL where in the past it has been an enormous success.

This event will take place at 7:45pm on Monday 9 November 2010 and will continue onwards for a total of 12 weeks, with each session lasting only 45 minutes.

Participation fee is only RM65 (for 12 weeks), which will fund a prize pool to be divided among those who get the best personal results.

Anyone who would like to lose weight, become healthier and feel and look better can take part and there is no age requirement.

Participants are encouraged to sign up with a friend or two. 95% of our participants from all of our past successful events actually brought a family member, friend, colleague or someone that they knew. It’s always easier to reach your goals when you are trying to achieve them together with someone else.

According to the organizers, the key benefits to having a weight loss challenge is that people get accountability and group support, as well as nutritional education and inspiration while having fun together and getting the chance to win cash prizes.

Space is limited! Event is filling up fast.

To register and for additional info log on to: