Alternative ways for survival

Do It Yourself- that was the name of a workshop that was recently conducted in Johor in order to promote alternate ways for survival among the common public.

The DIY workshop, which saw the coming together of people from several walks of life- attempted to showcase much easier, alternative ways to execute essential tasks in life.

“We mainly had three different activities- cookery, painting, and also bracelet or anklet making,” said Mohd Faizal Riduan, a student from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM).

“With the cooking activities for instance, we introduced several varieties and alternative ways of food preparation,” he elaborated.

All three activities were handled and demonstrated by different individuals.

Faizal was in charge of demonstrating cost-reducing methods of making anklets and bracelets.

According to him, nylon wool can be knitted to make bracelets and anklets,  a process he later went on to demonstrate.

Self-employed Mazri Mahussein said that there are food recipes that can be cooked using ingredients that can be obtained at home or the garden.

“People don’t have to run to the shop every time they need some kind of variety with their food,” he said.

Mazri introduced methods of cooking ‘spagetti caborana’ and also ‘ikan tongkol masak singgang’ during the workshop.

Art-worker Abdul Gapur Amri meanwhile demonstrated ways of transferring an image from a film to an empty block without using artificial lighting.

“Unlike the usual way of developing film, we use sunlight as our main source and it takes less than 15 minutes for each film to be processed,” he said.

Using materials like emulsion and sensitizer to execute the process, he also stated that not only is this method cost-saving, but also can be used as a source of income.

Watch the video : Bengkel DIY jalan alternatif untuk terus hidup | 12:35 by Azizan