Account executive victim of latest credit card scam

An account executive became a victim of the latest credit card syndicate involving a group of self-proclaimed Bank Negara officers who had advised that her credit cards were peculated.

48-year-old Lim Jit Ngoh is believed to have lost RM18,700 to the conmen after changing pin numbers for four credit cards according to conmen’s instructions.

On September 16, Lim received a call from a bogus credit card company worker who warned that her master card had exceeded its usage limit

When Lim told the worker that she doesn’t have a master card, the worker sounded surprised and asked her to verify the card ownership with Bank Negara.

The worker then provided a ‘Bank Negara’ number, which Lim duly contacted, where she was transferred to a ‘fake card management department’.

The department officer, who went by the name Irene, claimed that Lim’s cards were peculated and requested for her personal information.

“She asked me to follow her instructions by applying for a new card, and she said if I don’t do so all my money will go missing,” Lim said.

Lim was subsequently instructed to change the pin numbers on four credit cards according to the pin numbers that were advised.

“The woman assured me that the change is for security purpose and I immediately went to the nearest banks to do so,” she said.

One week later, Lim was shocked to learn that her RM8,000 savings in her CIMB account, RM5,000 in a Public Bank account, and a further RM2,700 in Maybank have all gone missing.

She was even surprised to find out that Bank Negara does not have any ‘fake card department’ as claimed by the woman.

Lim had lodged a police report on September 24 while seeking assistance from the Selangor MCA public complaint bureau.

The bureau chief Theng Book advised public not to panic whenever they are approached by unverified financial institutions with an emergency scenario.

“Bank Negara will definitely issue a formal letter whenever they want you to change your pin numbers,” he said.

He said he will seek Bank Negara’s assitance for further investigation and refer the victim to the Financial Mediation Bureau.