Local TV series, Goodnight DJ 2 is back!

Local drama series Goodnight DJ is finally back on-air due to popular demand. The drama, which revolves around the lives of a group of local young deejays have one thing in common – they all had strange and unexplained experiences with the supernatural world.

The horror-thriller drama series will be graced by a wide selection of local talents such as Z Chen, Jane Ng, Rickman Chia, Melvin Sia, Henley Hii, Chris Tong, Adrian Tan, Lawrence Woong and more.

Joining the extensive cast is former 8TV Quickie host, Belinda Chee. Chee plays the female lead in one of the episodes alongside Berg Lee, who won the best actor award at the theatre-based ADA Drama Awards for three consecutive years since 2003.

Goodnight DJ 2 returns for its second season with seven exciting stories, all narrated in 13 different episodes.

Remember to catch Goodnight DJ 2 beginning October 17, at 8.30pm only on 8TV.