Residents gives ultimatum to Impian Baiduri management

The block A residents of Pangsapuri Impian Baiduri had warned that they will take legal actions against their management body if the management fails to repair all of the flat’s lifts within 10 days.

Pangsapuri Impian Baiduri resident association chairman Tambi Chik Hassan said the residents are frustrated with the management body- Taipan Focus.

“We will stage a demonstration also if the demand is not fulfilled,” he said.

The ultimatum was given after a freak accident which happened last week saw a Block A lift plunge from sixth floor, injuring four residents.

Tambi said he is upset that the management had refused to repair the cable-snapped lift following the accident.

He said the management is refusing to repair the lift under the excuse that the residents have not paid the management fees properly.

The management is also claiming, according to Tambi, that the repair would cost around RM80,000 and the residents are owing them a big sum of management fees.

“But to my knowledge, 60% of the residents do pay the RM50 fees every month,” he said.

Emergency lift disabled, only one lift left

The flat located at Kampung Tunku is divided into four blocks and houses some 2000 residents.

Tambi said the block A residents are left with only one functional lift now as the emergency lift too has broken down.

He fears that even the functional lift might not be working properly.

“Yesterday two residents just had a scare when the lift suddenly plunged from 16th floor to 10th floor with a frictional sound,” he said.

He alleged that the management had purposely disabled emergency lifts for all four blocks prior to the accident.

“They claimed the lifts were in faulty condition, but we all know they had made it as a store room for their convenience and had dismantled spare parts for other lifts,” he alleged.

“We are worried about our safety,” he added.

He also bemoaned that the local assemblyperson Haniza Mohd Talha is not taking the issue seriously.

“She came (to visit us) and went without providing any help,”

Tambi yesterday sought help from the Selangor MCA public complaint bureau vice chairman Kelvin Chong.

Chong: we will give assistances

At the press conference held at Petaling Jaya Selatan MCA division, Chong chided PJ Selatan MP Hee Loy Sian and Hanizah for being “insensitive”.

“At the accident two victims have fractured their legs, and another one now suffers elbow injury, but Hee didn’t even visit the victims,” Chong said.

He said unlike Hee, PJ MCA division chief Donald Lim went personally to hospital and gave financial aids to the victims.

Chong also promised to provide legal assistances if the residents want to sue the management.