A “people” reflexology path

The residents of Petaling Jaya demonstrated their community spirit by forking out their own money to build a feet reflexology path at Gasing Hill Jungle Reserve recently.

The 100-metre path laid with 318 slabs which cost the residents RM8000 to build, was completed last week. It is enhanced with benches, tables and dustbin covers.

Joseph Foong, a PJ Section 1 resident, initiated the idea three weeks prior to the completion of the path.

According to Foong, the funds have been mainly sourced from fellow joggers and trekkers.

“Some 200 well-wishers responded to the donation call, while four volunteers took the task to push for the building of the path,” explained Foong.

However, this is not the first time the PJ community has come together to enhance a green lung for themselves.

Foong recalled how the jungle reserve was left unattended after a landslide struck and damaged it in 2006.

“Our first move was to setup a mini botanic garden, which received vast donations from well-wishers and Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (MBPJ) on plants, tree, seeds and fertilizers,”

The garden now houses more than 40 species of plants.

However, Foong still think he should not just depend on the authority for money to do things.

“Our approach was bottom-up. We didn’t feel like asking money from the authority all the time because their money can be used for some other thing,”

“Since we are the frequenters here, we shall just do it ourselves,” he said.

The path is now branded as the “longest public-initiated and donated foot path” and Foong is inviting everyone to visit Gasing Hill and experience the reflexology path.

The public can also join the “People Garden” Facebook page to gather more updates and information.