American Playwrights on Film

After the great success of ‘Tennessee Williams on Film’ Paul Loosley brings to klpac more of the hard-hitting American zeitgeist in a new series: ‘American Playwrights on Film’.

Without the long tradition of British theatre, the Americans turned to subjects they knew best; angst, stress and the pressure of living in a huge, bubbling melting pot of a society.

Many of those plays turned very ably into films that were just as angry, dark, sexy, confrontational and occasionally hilariously funny.

In this series we will get to see all these things and more; tears, temptations, bitterness and frustration; all larger than life and twice as much fun.

All screenings are at 3.00pm in indicine, klpac from 19 September – 24 October 2010

The film screenings are free of charge. No tickets needed, just walk right in (seats on first-come-first-serve). Paul will host a Q&A session after each screening.