Salak South residents crying foul

Some 300 residents and shop owners at Salak South Garden (SSG) are crying foul over the construction of two new shop-houses building back-to-back at Jalan Hang Tuah 3.

They fear the road, which is the artery road into the area, will be soon choked with vehicles entering the commercial zone.

Salak South Garden Goodwill and Welfare Association secretary Chow Heng Chong said the commercial area would suffer a great loss because the two new shop-houses will further hinder the traffic.

(Left pix) The red dot shows the location of new shophouses. (right pix) Only one-way traffic is allowed since the construction.

“How come now only (DBKL) claims (the part) is a private land and allows them to erect new buildings?” asked Chow, referring to Jalan Hang Tuah 3.

Resident who only wish to be known as Lee, said school buses and garbage trucks can no longer make turnings into the road once the part is squeezed to an alley.

The residents with Seputeh MP, Teresa Kok have decided to submit a memorandum to demand a review from the DBKL (DBKL) in regards to this.

“DBKL is widening roads everywhere, but now they are turning an important access in a commercial zone into a one-way lane?”, said Teresa Kok whom does not agree with DBKL’s approval of the construction.

When asked why an area, which was earmarked as a private land has been turn into a road, Kok said DBKL claimed a wider road was needed prior to the completion of Besraya highway.

However Kok said she will follow-up the complaint with DBKL later.