Teresa Kok: Steven’s Corner owner lying

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, today rubbished the claim by Steven’s Corner owner, S Sathisilan that he did not threaten or assault Lim Tai San nor does he owe him any money.

“Police wouldn’t charge anyone without sufficient evidence,” said Kok when met at Lim’s shop.

She also rebuked S Sathisilan’s claim that he did not seek her help to settle the issue with Lim.

“He did not come personally to me pleading to settle the issue but his brother N Sathisilan was the one who met my assistant with regards to this assault,” said Kok.

(from right) Kok, victim Lim Tai Sun and his two sons during the pc

It wasn’t me

Sathisilan defended himself in a press conference last Saturday alleging that Lim Tai San walked out unhurt from the restaurant after a quarrel and that it was Lim’s sons who threatened him.

He claimed that the footage from the close-circuit television at his shop would prove his innocence.

I was punched in my shop”

Lim Tai San had claimed that Sathisilan confronted and hit him as he was moving some of Sathisilan’s tables that were blocking his entry into his own shop.

“I never walked into Sathisilan’s restaurant that night, I was punched at my glassware shop,”

He added that his sons then took on Sathisilan at the restaurant after learning about his injury. The latter responded by brandishing a knife at them.

Lim showing his wounds

“All this was captured by my CCTV, including the part when he dashed into my shop,” he said.

According to Lim police have the CCTV footage in their possession.

Lim also showed an invoice made out to Sathisilan amounting to RM 4,000.00, which he claimed has not been paid since 2009.

Sathisilan was allegedly to have beaten up Lim Tai San on Aug 5 for moving the tables of his Steven’s Corner tables which had been placed in front of the latter’s glassware shop and blocking his entrance.

Brickfields district police chief ACP Wan Bari Abdul Khalid confirmed the incident and said Sathisilan has been charged under section 323 for voluntarily causing hurt.

The assault has sparked major outcry among the internet community. A facebook page setup to boycott the restaurant has so far registered more than 4000 members.

Video: Teresa Kok: Steven Corner’s owner lying | 03:38

Shot by Leven Woon, edited by Arvind Raj