Drug haunt to come be torn down

The uncompleted community hall built on Jalan SS1/1 Petaling Jaya is finally coming down since being abandoned in 2002.

The Petaling Jaya city council has agreed to fork out RM65,200 to demolish the structure that they mistakenly constructed on private land belonging to Koperasi Pegawai-pegawai Kerajaan Malaysia Berhad (Koperasi).The demolition will take about two months to be completed.

In 2002 the PJ municipal council converted a large playing field into a community hall despite protests from the landowner and residents.

However, before the hall was completed, the council confirmed that the land was privately owned and halted construction.

The incomplete building became known as a “monument of inefficiency” by the residents. It has since become a hotbed for drug addicts and aedes larvae, said Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San on Tuesday.

The residents are waiting eagerly for the area to be reverted to a playing field. Nevertheless, Lau reminded that the all facilities there, including the basketball court,  were build on Koperasi land.

“We cannot stop them from developing the land,” added Lau. However, he said that should Koperasi propose that the land be developed, the local authority can limit the size of development.

When contacted, a reliable source within Koperasi said they have not decided on what to do with the land yet, but stressed that the land is meant for residential purpose.

“We are in a dilemma. We are paying a very high land premium every year. You can’t just ask us to leave it like that,” added the source.