Crime rising, solution needed for Salak South residents

Rampant crime is worrying residents of Salak Selatan People Housing Project, the council flat with 2400 residents has been subjected to at least five cases of vehicle-stealings, break-ins and snatch-thieves every month.

Several concerns and ideas were brought forward by 30-odd residents attending a recent dialogue session with Seputeh member of parliament Teresa Kok and Salak South police chief Azmi Hashim.

Some residents called for a patrol team to prevent the regular break-ins, rapes, thefts and snatch thefts. However, a previous attempt at building a voluntary patrol team failed.

“We took initiative to patrol during wee hours, but we were pointed fingers by someone who got snatched or lost their cars,” said residents association chairman Leong Chor Lok

“This really saddened the team, people are putting the blames on us,” he added. He said the voluntary team was later dismissed in last year June, and it led to an immediate intensification of criminal incidents.

Leong also mooted the idea of Rukun Tetangga, however there were no residents willing to take the lead.

“To create a safe community we need both hands to clap, residents should co-operate,” he said.

Sim Hui Ping (35) who suffered a neck injury due to a snatch-thief called for the hiring of security guards. While she admires Leong’s spirit, she thinks it is difficult to implement it in the long-run.

“It’s hard to find someone that shares your vision because somehow they are not rewarded for the job,” she said.

“However, with 2400 residents, every household will just need to pay a minimal RM10 or RM20 to employ 24-hour security guards. Why not we go for that?,” she added.

Sim showed her neck that was smashed by a snatch thief last week

Teresa requests mobile police van

Member of Parliament Teresa Kok requested that the police chief to locate a mobile police van at the place. She informed the dialogue that another crime hotspot, Kuchai Entrepreneur Park has become more secure since a mobile police van was located there.

Police chief Azmin said he will have to look into the suitability before making decision.

“So far PPR Salak Selatan is not listed as hotspot. There are some other places which we need to priortise as well,” he said.

Leong called on victims to lodge police reports to inform the police about the situation.

“Now 60% of incidents go unreported, this makes our grievances unheard,” he added.