Fund now open to border children

Children born at the border of Selangor-Perak, Selangor-Seremban and Selangor-KL after January 1, 2008 are now eligible to register for the state-run Selangor Born Heritage Fund (Tawas), following an amendment of guidelines.

This was announced by Selangor corporate communications director Badrul Amin Baharom during the launching ceremony of LayaRakyat at Sungai Besar night market recently.

He said the new guidelines will allow parents and their children born in Selangor border states, but reside in Selangor for five years to file applications with the endorsement of local village heads, assemblypersons, parliamentarians or senators.

Each child will receive RM100 credit upon the free account registration. The amount could then be accumulated up to RM1500 when they turn 18, as dividends through proper investment.

The authority is having a TAWAS registration counter at Section 7, I-city throughout the World Cup season

Meanwhile the state has kickoff the LayaRakyat project at Sabak Bernam to disseminate information about various programs under Selangor’s people-based economy to rural folk.

Booths will be setup at night markets on the dates and locations below:

Bil Date Day Location Time
1. 6  Julai 2010 Tuesday Sungai Besar 7mlm- 9mlm
2. 7 Julai 2010 Wednesday Sekinchan 7mlm- 9mlm
3. 9 Julai 2010 Friday Sabak Bernam 7mlm- 9mlm
4. 10  Julai 2010 Saturday Up Town sungai Besar 7mlm- 9mlm
5. 20Julai 2010 Tuesday Sungai Besar 7mlm- 9mlm
6. 201Julai 2010 Wednesday Sekinchan 7mlm- 9mlm
7. 23Julai 2010 Friday Sabak Bernam 7mlm- 9mlm
8. 24Julai 2010 Saturday Up Town Sungai Besar 7mlm- 9mlm