Proposed LRT station only 4m away from condos

Residents of the Saujana Residency condominiums at SS16 were shocked to find out an LRT station was due to be built just 4 metres from the nearest block.

The residents, whose units were just completed in September 2009, were given a letter on 9 March stating that the two tennis courts next to Suria Tower would be turned into the fourth station on the proposed Kelana Jaya LRT line extension.

“The developer Saujana Heights said it is a compulsory acquisition under the Land Acquisition Act 1960 by the Petaling land administrator,” Saujana Residency pro-term committee member Yew Kok Onn said.

On May 15, 103 residents handed a signed petition against the project to the LRT constructor Syarikat Prasarana Negara to request a revocation and a meeting.

Subang Jaya assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh and councilor Theresa Ratnam Thong helped facilitate the meeting that took place 2 June at MPSJ between the residents, Prasarana and other stakeholders.

However, on 9 June they announced to proceed with the project, saying that it was the only suitable route and promising that noise will be kept to a minimal level.

Last Sunday, the committee staged another protest where some 200 residents came in full force to veto the plan.

“Permanent damage to ears within a year”

Committee member VK Lai said the total noise produced will shoot up to 150 decibels (db) if the project is given a green light.

“Based on the standards (given by) the Malaysian Department of Environment, a normal living environment produces 55 db at daytime and 50db at the nighttime.

“A LRT station will buzzes another 75 db of noise. Together with the Federal Highway and shopping centres located beside our house, (we) will have two times the noise compared to normal conditions.

“Even if they conceal the track, it would does nothing but just reduce a minor 3-5 db of noise,” he said.

He cited fears of permanent hearing damage if residents were constantly exposed to the noise as well as the psychological effects. There were also fears the frequent vibrations could weaken building foundations.

“How is Prasarana able to guarantee the safety of the building?”

From left- Yew, Marcus Tan, V.K Lai and C.K Yap

According to the residents, the developer has been keeping mum on this issue and avoiding meetings. But the building’s master plan procured by the residents has revealed a further threat.

“Tennis court an on-site water retention,”

“We happened to find out that underneath one of the tennis courts is an on-site water retention, which functions to discharge the overflow storm water during a heavy downpour.

“By taking this away, the water will have nowhere to go and will cause flooding not only to our building, but the whole area,” Yew said, pointing at Subang Parade and the Empire Gallery Shopping Centre nearby.

“Nothing was mentioned about this in Prasarana’s valuation report. It is also questionable how Prasarana is able to relocate the drainage discharge system since the whole area has been fully utilised.”

The 0.1619 hectar plot land also serves as the major amenity of Saujana Residency, which the residents say has been “unfairly taken away”.

“The residency is a completed building, built together with all the facilities and approved by the state government. How can the state give approval for an “approved” land to be used for different purposes?”

Land remains unclear

Subang assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh said the status of the land is still remains unclear.

“There is (little) information given to the residents.The menteri besar in the last mini exco meeting required Prasarana to hand in more feedback.

“Many questions (that residents asked) have not been answered.”

She said Prasarana is scheduled to submit their answers in this Thursday’s meeting.

The fourth station of the Kelana Jaya line extension will be an interchange hub with KTM Subang Jaya station

Photo credit: Prasarana