Armed gang robbed four shops in less than hour

Owner of TS Spare Parts Koe Chin Keong had to deal with six men breaking into his shop at Salak Selatan with parangs.

“I was in my office when they suddenly came and started wrecking my office’s glass door.

“I knew they must be robbers so I threw out a few hundred ringgit through the hole they wrecked out of glass door, pleading they would take the money and leave.

“But they insisted on coming in, finally breaking the glass door and looted all my cash in the drawer, three handphones and my car keys.”

Koe Chin Keong

Koe’s is the fourth shop at Jalan Tuanku 1, Salan Selatan looted by the gang of six in the evening of 10 June.

Besides losing his valuables, Koe also lost his faith in the police force.

Police in duty asked money from victim

“Two lance corporals came after the incident. They did a report and then asked me for palm-greasing money for ‘mutual help’ benefits. I just got robbed – how would I have extra cash to give them?

“They stalled their attempt when a police surgeon walked in. However I was forced to give them RM100 each when the surgeon left.”

At a press conference held at his shop recently, Seputeh MP Teresa Kok who spoke on behalf of the victims decried the corrupt practice among police officials.

“Our government is raising their wages every year in hope that our police can stand in parallel with international standards with the UK police.

“Yet this sort of corruption still exist among them, which is really intolerable,” she said.

Another victim, Fu Cheng Leong, said the area has abundant number of police personnel, but they always been spotted doing nothing at the mamak stall.

“I hardly see them patrolling,” said Fu, whose wife surrendered her handbag when threatened by four armed men, said.

“The robbers approached me when I was shutting down the shop. I had nothing to give, so they grabbed my wife’s handbag.”

He said the gang then quickly went to the second target –which is a motorcycle service shop a few doors down.

Voon Kin Shoe, the owner of the shop, lost RM650 in cash and four vehicle licenses.

The gang’s third attempt to rob another spare part shop was barred by the watchdog, before they dashed into TS Spare Parts.

Teresa said she will write in to the Cheras OCPD and Selangor CPO to highlight the rampant crime rates in Salak Selatan.

She also advised the public to expose wrongdoing among police officials.

“It might be troublesome now for you to go to the police station and do a report. But if you don’t, they will continue to abuse their power until finally everyone has to (bribe policemen).”