‘Get CF for abandoned Lagoon Perdana blocks’

Despite several pending issues, MPSJ and the developer of revived Lagoon Perdana apartments at PJS 9 are working to get CF(certificates of fitness)s for purchasers of blocks 1, 3 and 8 by the end of July.

Both parties are now at the last stage of sorting out outstanding assessments and TNB meters installed at every unit before the developer’s application for CFs are approved by MPSJ.

“MPSJ has allowed payment in stages for the assessment arrears. About the RM1 million infrastructure fee the developer owes MPSJ, we suggest MPSJ not burden the buyers over that,” National House Buyers Association secretary general and MPSJ councillor Chang Kim Loong said.

“The buyers have been waiting for 8 years and they should be granted CF provided if (units) are safe,” he said at the press conference held at the Subang Jaya ADUN’s service centre.

Owners of revived Block 1,3 and 8 of Lagoon Perdana apartments will finally get their CFs soon.

The medium-cost apartments launched in 2002 have eight blocks in total. Block  2, 4 , 5 and 6 were completed on time but block 1,3,7 and 8 were left abandoned until the developer- Tenaga Gagah Sdn Bhd- revived it in 2008.

However, not all 1411 purchasers of this revival project are lucky. Some of them who own units at block 7 are now stuck in a bottleneck as the block was found to have weak groundwork when the ninth level was completed.

Every block is supposed to have 18 levels.

“The developer is working out financial terms to deal with the purchasers. For those who purchased (levels unable to be completed)  they will either be given repayment or be given (slots at) another housing project of Tenaga Gagah at Puchong,” Chang said.

“But things are not finalised yet,”

The faith of block 7 is still remain unknown

Chang also pointed out the many unqualified officials at Housing Ministry previously indirectly fostered the ‘growth’ of abandoned development projects.

“Every developer has to submit a 7F form to update the progress of their development to Housing Ministry every six months.

“So if the developer was not able or financially-capable to sustain their projects, how come the Housing Ministry could not smell something fishy?

“The fact is no single person at the unit was qualified to look at the 7F form last time. It is a technical document that required in-field experts.”

He said the situation has however improved since 2009. A special task force headed by Sidek Hj Hassan was formed to handle the abandoned projects all over Malaysia.

“Now we have revised the submission of 7F forms from 6 months to 3 months. Administratively, we also recruited 12 qualified personnel compared with 4 previously.”

He also advised the public to be attentive when purchasing property.

“Do not simply believe in what (a) developer said and promised. The safest approach is to go for the build-then-sell projects,”

Public can get the latest update of the Lagoon Perdana’s progress via Subang Jaya assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh’s blog.