Puchong folks moaned at ridiculous speed limit

Puchong folks who had enough of speeding fines yesterday moaned at the ridiculous speed limit erected along LDP south, which fluctuate between 20 km/j to 90km/j within a 3km section.

According to the report of a Chinese press, the highway section between Bandar Bukit Puchong and Puchong Perdana has five different speed limits.

“If you exit from Putrajaya toll plaza, the speed limit begin with 90km/j, followed by a reduce to 60km/j and a resume back to 90km/j around the Bukit Puchong Petronas Station,”

“While drivers will assume the coming section will remain at 90km/j, they are caught in puzzled when they suddenly see the traffic sign of 40km/j, later 20km/j,” Puchong public complaint and service bureau chairperson Guan Zhi Ting said.

He was reported as saying the traffic police like to take advantage of this and set speed trap to summon the “overspeed” vehicles.

“Public at this blind spot would easily exceed speed limit, even some whom drove at 80km/j also got fined,”

He meanwhile called on the traffic police department and the other authorities to reconsider standardize fine’s amount at RM300.

“The previous measure to give discount for early birds is more efficient to encourage public to pay up their fine, and to some extent also prevent them of bribing the law-executor,”