Bangsar flash flood overwhelms Kancil

Tan (as he insists to be known) was driving his Perodua Kancil to go back home amidst a heavy downpour when he noticed the drains along Jalan Bangsar were overflowing and the road started getting flooded.

“I was at the right lane,” he told Komunitikini about his unforgettable experience of having his vehicle stuck in the sudden flash flood in Bangsar.

“I knew the water level was a bit high, but I saw a Kelisa drove through. Then I thought I could make it as well.”

He said the tide suddenly flowed in as soon as his car passed by the junction in front of Jalan Kemuja.

“I could feel my car was being carried away.”

The car’s engine died off quickly, and the only thing Tan could do was get himself out of his car.

Heavy rain that started falling at 3pm was the cause behind Jalan Bangsar’s sudden flash flooding.

Besides Tan’s car, the row of shops located at the lower ground along Jalan Bangsar were badly flooded too.

“It has been like this for at least 10 years,” the owner of the corner furniture shop said.

With the water level reaching his knees, the owner recounted several media including TV3 and Malay Mail covering the incident yet so far the authorities have done little to tackle the issue.

“The road embankment is too low and the drain is too small to support the overflowing water in downpours like this.

“Since new shop lots started popping up along the upper road, we started suffering floods every time there is heavy rain.”

He suspected construction work had narrowed the drains, which forced the water’s outflow to the lower ground areas.

“A town planner once came and said it could only be solved if they widened the drain all the way to the big drain a mile away.”

“But they are worried that it would undermine the solidarity of the (Bangsar) LRT station if a bigger drain is constructed.”

Vellu, a barber beside the furniture shop said this is the fourth flash flood this year.

“Every time it happens, some cars are sure to get stuck in the middle of it.”