Road trip for a cause

road trip with a cause pictureA group of students from the University of Queensland, Australia, are set to head to Malaysia this July for the “Road Trip for a Cause” project, which aims to aid  local children-related organisations through moral and financial support while exploring the local culture.

The program is funded by The Davis Projects for Peace, an initiative that gives students from over 90 partnering campuses a chance to devise projects for peace that the students themselves will be able to implement and execute anywhere in the world. One hundred of the most doable and promising projects are then selected for funding at US$10,000 each.

Road Trip for a Cause will be working with the NurSalam foundation in Chow Kit and the Children’s Protection Society Penang, providing financial aid as well as fueling programs to instill essential values in the lives of these children. “We aimed to design a camp that will develop peace leaders of the future”, said Ping Tee, the team leader when contacted by Kominitikini.

The project will be allocating more than RM25,000 for the welfare of children through financial aid, initiatives to promote the involvement of the community for the cause and activities for the children. The team believes that it is up to the community to follow through with efforts to continue what they have started for this project to be a success.

Road Trip With A Cause also stresses that projects of this nature need to be done more frequently and should act as a spark for the awareness of local communities on the topic so proper long term advancements can be made.

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For more information on ROAD TRIP WITH A CAUSE and how you can do your part, contact Ping Tee:
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