The 6th WIEF Marketplace of Creative Arts

The 6th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) is being held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, 18- 20 May 2010.

One highlight is the Marketplace of Creative Arts, themed “ Defining Youth and the Muslim World through Arts”

Various genres of arts were on display, including calligraphy, printing, music, comedy and film.

The Marketplace of Creative Arts aims to showcase tcreative cultural expression from artists from the Muslim world. There were various displays as well as film screenings, music and dance performances.

The Marketplace of Creative Arts has four main areas which are Pentas, The Dome, The Screen and The Discussion Lounge.

They also have participants from the disabled, showcasing their talents in painting.

One visitor from Perlis, Siti Hajar Salim, 35, said “ I am really excited to come to the WIEF (exhibition) because from this forum I can gain knowledge as well as view collections of arts from all over the world.This is a big opportunity to build a network with other countries.”

The Marketplace is being held in conjunction with the WIEF Young Leaders Forum 2010.