Do traffic study on Jalan Tanjung, MBPJ told

Bandar Utama Residents’ Association (BURA) chairperson Manpal Singh said a traffic study must be done by MBPJ before proceeding to determine the best way to resolve the ongoing issue of Jalan Tanjung.

He said the RA has filed a lawsuit to request the court to direct the state government to do the traffic study before they approve any development plan.

“In their previous reply to the press they said the traffic is bad all over, so it doesn’t matter,”

Jalan Tanjung has been in the limelight since last December as two sides have clashed over its reopening as one-way road, allowing the traffic from Tropicana to come into Bandar Utama.

The road right in front 1 Tech Park is the preferable shortcut for Tropicana residents to exit to the Sprint highway to work everyday.

However for Bandar Utama residents, the reopening simply generates too much traffic and worsens the congestion during peak hours.

Manpal said he is not in full objection of the use of the road, but he questions the viability of the state approving another development plan proposed by Dijaya Corporation along Jalan Tanjung.

“It appeared that the menteri besar made a decision in three days without carefully considering the residents’ feedback.

“When you approve a development, you should foresee the capacity of traffic that the infrastructure surrounding the development can take.”

He said as far as he knows, Dijaya Corporation already started advertising one of the development projects- Tropicana Grande.

He meanwhile suggested that a ramp be built before the BU junction into the Sprint highway.

“BU City Corporation has agreed to build that with funding coming from the state government.

“If you have a ramp, the traffic won’t clog up at the junction, because after all the Tropicana residents want to use that road to go on the Sprint highway.”

The Selangor state government is now working to gazette the road as a public road.

The privately-owned Jalan Tanjung was first open for public access in 1993 in an agreement signed between Tropicana developer Dijaya Corporation and BUCC, pending the completion of Jalan BU 11/12 and Lebuhraya BU.

Upon the completion of the road, BUCC was urged to close the road but received strong protests especially from Tropicana residents.