Smooth ride at Jalan Subang 8, MPSJ entrance

Jalan Subang 8, the oft-damaged road at USJ 20 industrial site, has its bumps resurfaced with RC (reinforced) concrete to accommodate the heavy usage of factory trucks.

The road will be the pilot project for MPSJ to study implementation of resurfacing with RC concrete onto other industrial zone’s roads, MPSJ councilor Roslan Shahrir said.

“We will look into this in a few months to see the costing. If it is really applicable, we will expand to other factory areas,”

In a press conference organised at the road today, the councilor said industrial roads occupied by daily hauling tucks often end up in poor condition although maintenance are well taken place.

“The Industrial Park Mangement Committee (IPMC) at Jalan Subang 8 filed a complaint to MPSJ and our engineering department decided to introduce the new material to resurface the road,”

“It cost about RM200,000 to build (a RC road), but if compared with the maintenances we are spending on the normal tarred road, it’s actually a saving,”

He said the RC-enhanced roads can last for seven years without maintenance, a vast contrast with the earlier one which was damaged easily.

However, the material will easily attract dust and requires washing from time to time.

“That’s why it won’t be applied to residential areas.”

Meanwhile, vehicles going in the MPSJ building at Persiaran Perpaduan are  no longer being asked to deposit their licenses at the entrance.

The local council introduced the measure in the early April to require the public to deposit their licenses , which inconvenienced the public by making them walk a distance to withdraw their cards at the entrance before exiting.

However, after the issue was brought up, Komunitikini today found out that the measure was withdrawn.

“They stopped it at the end of April,” Francis, the security guard at the entrance said.

According to the unnamed source from the authorities, the policy is suspended to be improved.