Hard Time with Astro

I lodged decoder faulty report to Astro Customer Care in Sept 2009. Technician sent said need to replace the decoder. Meanwhile he did something for it to work and charged RM50 as service charge. I waited for Astro to sent me a new decoder. Nothing came by.

Now my decoder is completely out of order and I called Astro and they said they dont have stock. They will send a technician to look into my complaint & pay again RM50 even after I told them what is the problem and the solution too.

I have been going thru a hard time with Astro and they just dont care. Kids at home and without TV its very depressing.

How can I find a solution since Astro only cares about making money n paying to technician but not solving my problem. My decoder is 7 yrs old & why cant they change.AND I PAY ON TIME..!