Starbucks Live and Inspire with Victor Lim

Victor Lim has worked with masters of success, training, business, real estate, marketing, financial markets and well being.

In the field of futurology and predictive sciences, he has been educated in palmistry, face reading, tarot card, feng shui, various Chinese astrology and numerology and I Ching (The Book of Change). He has also made it his research to consult experts in these fields. Finally, more than 20 years ago he committed himself to research on Jyotish Astrology, some time known as Vedic or Indian Astrology. The Western terminology for it is Sidereal Astrology.

Komunitikini asked Lim a few questions about what inspired him on his path to the stars.

Komunitikini: We know you are a highly respected figure now. How did you begin your journey?

Victor Lim: I was inspired by the accuracy of astrology and fascinated that there exists such a knowledge where you can know so much about another by just studying some charts.

The desire to know more began then.

In your dictionary, what does “difficulty” and “failure” meant to you?

Difficulty is created  by us. Some things may take time or lots of effort but that does not equate to difficulty. It is difficult because we make it so.

Success and failure are consequences that are at times beyond our control. The only real failure in life is the failure to participate.

Which figure in your respective field has inspired you the most?

The first contact with the first astrologer when I was 12 years old has inspired me the most. I cannot even remember his name. I guess it was not him but rather, I was waiting to be inspired. Meeting him was an incident that translated into an inspiration.

It was the event more than him; at least, for the field of astrology.

What kind of benefit/impact does your respective field bring to the community/people?

Astrology is the ‘principle of consequence’ which is why I call it Profiling Astrology. As in your earlier question on “failure” people tend to think that they are the failure and not knowing is merely a consequence. When you change the source of the consequence, you change the consequence. With astrology you get an unbiased tool on which you find that you are not the experience but an “experiencer” choosing an experience. That can free and empower people. It assures people of their uniqueness.

Just as each experience is unique, just so is the experiencer.

How has the response been to your work?

As far as I can say people have been rather supportive. They go out of their way to refer people to me and to arrange events for me. The support I have received is too much for me mention here. To sum it up, I have been well received.

If you are the minister in your respective field, what would you do?

I would create universities for it and make it part of the mainstream education curriculum.

What can we expect this coming Thursday?

We will be romancing astrology in the romantic ambience of Starbucks.

Romance is the union of two words: adventure and celebrations.