Pengerang folks made aware of RAPID consequences

Chua Jui Meng (Johor PKR Chairperson), Hassan Karim (Johor PKR Deputy Chairman, Steven Chong and Jimmy Puah, a lawyer by profession, gathered at Pengerang, Johor for a dialogue with the residents recently.

Jimmy Puah explained the Land Acquision Act 153, and guided the landowners on the finer details of the act.

He said that by now Borang A is being exhibited at the Land Office. With Borang B the Land Office officers will come over to measure their lands.

Later Borang C, Borang D and then finally the landowners will be served with the Borang E.

He said if the landowners are not happy with the compensation figure they can contest their cases at the Johor Bahru high court.

Jimmy Puah stressed that with the Refinery and Petroleum Integrated Development (RAPID) project, in the near future their sea will no longer be blue and their sky will be black.