Disgruntled medical suppliers use DAP to probe MCA

Some local medical suppliers are unhappy with the MOH which has approved approximately RM18 million for procurement of equipments for Queen Elizabeth II Hospital (QE2H) but the amount was still unprovided for.

They approached the Sabah DAP office for help in getting some answers to their grouses.

The equipments approved ranged from hand brush costing RM20.00, artery forceps costing RM25.00 to medical monitors costing RM900.00.

The procurement by the Health Ministry comes under three categories – direct purchase quotation for items below RM50,000.00, a quotation exercise for those below RM500,000.00 and a tender exercise for items above RM500,000.00.

The QE2H has called for quotations in early August from local suppliers for items below RM50,000.00 which was submitted to the Sabah Department of Health. The department has also prepared specifications for quotations and tender.

However, the Ministry of Health did not release the fund, according to the suppliers.

The Sabah Health Department, the end-users in QE2H and local suppliers were left in the dark as to when the fund will be made available.

In 2011 the fund did not arrive and this has caused undue suffering for patients in QE2H as the equipments and surgical instruments have not been supplied.

In early 2012 the Sabah Health Department was informed by the Health Ministry in Kuala Lumpur that six companies has been appointed to participate in a “limited tender” in the procurement of the said equipments.

Five out of the six companies are based in Peninsular Malaysia and the only one is from Sabah.

DAP Sabah secretary Dr Edwin Bosi questioned why the Ministry of Health is insisting on a so-called “limited tender” procedure in the procurement of equipments.

He asked if the limited tender exercise will lead to cheaper prices, more efficient and better delivery thus benefiting the end-users.

Bosi called for transparency in the selection of the six companies and whether it is against the standard treasury instruction for the procurement of equipments.

DAP Sabah called for answers as to why the Sabah registered medical equipment suppliers were left out in this process especially those who have a good track record in supplying medical equipment to the Sabah Health Department.

DAP Sabah wanted clarifications on claims that the Sabah Health Department accords priority to suppliers linked to the MCA and UMNO while the people who in need of treatment and medical services at QE2H are left wanting.