Pakatan claims seats negotiation almost settled

A Pakatan Rakyat Secretariat Sabah held its 10th meeting recently at the DAP HQ in Bundusan, Penampang.

Several issues were raised in the preparation for the coming 13th general election.

On the seat negotiation, the three component parties of Pakatan Rakyat – DAP, PAS and PKR in Sabah claimed to have almost settled all the seat allocations.

There are only a few overlapping seats.

The list has been submitted to the PR national leaders for their attention.

The three election directors of DAP, PAS and PKR Sabah will be working together to prepare for the coming election.

The PR Secretariat Sabah also announced their full support for Bersih 3.0 that is expected to be held nationwide on April 28.

In the meeting DAP was represented by Jimmy Wong, Fred Fung, Dr Edwin Bosi, Chan Foong Hin and Junz Wong.

PAS by Hj Mohd. Aminuddin Aling, Ag Liman Hj Ikin, Mohamad Hussein and Hamzah Abdullah.

PKR by Hj Ansari Abdullah, Jonathan Yassin, Datuk Kong Hong Ming, Dr Roland Chia and Stephen Sandaor.