Welfare department assist man living in container

Three months ago, Citizen Journalist S.Kumar highlighted the plight of Tadiyapan, a 72-year old who was living in a container in Tanjung Bunga Penang for the last 4 years after being dismissed from employment.

The initial video, Remnants of life in a container spurred interests of the public and welfare department alike.

Since the issue of Tadiyapan was published three months ago by CJMY, the public came forward to render help in many different ways.

Many came forward to offer shelter, monetary aid, food, medical treatment and other forms of help in kind.

Finally, the welfare department has approved his application for monthly welfare aid.

Mr.Tadiyapan received some monetary aid for a duration of 2 months on the 29 Feb which amounted to RM 600from the welfare department.

From 16 March onward, he will be stay in his relative’s house. He was very greatful and thankful to everyone who has come forward to help him.