Exclusive with Johor DAP Chief

In an exclusive interview with Johor DAP state chief, Dr. Boo Cheng Hau who is also the current ADUN for Skudai and Johor Assembly opposition leader gave his take on a number of issues posed by our citizen journalist. 

Touching on issues on how he rates Pakatan Rakyat’s chances of becoming the next state government, he said, it’s going to be tough task but PK is working hard to deny the Barisan Nasional (BN) government a two third majority.

It’s now all up to the people in Johor to decide whether they want PR to be in as the next government.

When asked, how ready is Pakatan Rakyat in taking over the state administration, he stressed that Pakatan Rakyat is ever ready to administer the state should the people in Johor decide to vote us in.

When asked about allegations that DAP is a racist party, Dr. Boo went on great length to explain why all those allegations made by opposing parties including certain NGOs doesn’t 

In concluding the interview, Dr. Boo reiterated by saying that DAP has always been working for the betterment of the people.

Video by Steven Chen, Citizen Journalist