Remnants of life in a container

Tadiyapan is a senior citizen who has been living in a container in Tanjung Bunga Penang for the last 4 years after being dismissed from employment.

He was born in Penang in 1939 and he is now 72 years old. He is living alone in a container at a construction site in Tanjung Bunga Penang.

4 years ago he lost a job as a security guard due to deteriorating vision caused by diabetics and was unable to pay the rent for the house he lived in.

Now he is getting help from the public on a daily basis.

His future is uncertain and the possibility that he could be driven out of the place he lives in after the project is completed at a construction site is looming.

Now he hopes that the government and the welfare department could help him to find a permanent solution to his dire circumstances.

Video by S.Kumar, Citizen Journalist