Travelogue – Yangshuo In Pictures

“Guilin has the best scenery under heaven and Yangshuo has the best of all.” This is how one of the famous poets described his experience in Yangshuo.

He could not praise the beautiful landscape in Yangshuo highly enough. It is so attractive that most travelers would love to stay there. 

Other notable visitors include the Tan dynasty famous monk Jiezhen, the famous Ming dynasty traveler Xiake Xu and the late painter Beihong Xu.

The weather in Yangshuo is warm and comfortable most of the time. The average temperature is 19 degrees and the population is more than 300,000 including the Zhuan, Yao, Hui, Bai and Dong minorities.

One can get to Yangshuo from Guilin by bus which is about 65 km away or by boat.

The picturesque scenery in Yangshuo will leave a long and lasting memory for those who visit there.

Video by {Lim Hock Seng}, Citizen Journalist