The misery of Orang Laut: Disowned and dislocated

The Orang Laut (Sea Gypsies) of Teluk Gabung were evicted from Stulang Laut.  They settled down in Teluk Gabung in 1982.

Before the industries were set up in the Pasir Gudang industrial area, the area was a mangrove swamp.  According to Tok Badin Moen Bin Terewang, 70, he can scooped fish and crab from his house and filled up two kerosene tins before the sea was polluted by the factories.  Now he can’t even catch a kilo.

According to him, the Orang Laut are not used to working in the factories, they are fishermen.

The Orang Laut are presently staying on government land.  Moen lamented that foreigners were able to obtain land, but not the Orang Laut.

Video by: Christine Leong, Citizen Journalist Malaysia