Mullaivaikal Massacre remembered

8 NGOs from Johor organized candle light vigil in remembrance of the Mullaivaikal Massacre, where more than 40,000 Sri Lankan Tamils were murdered by the Sri Lankan army during the war against Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)

Among the NGOs present for the vigil was Persahabatan Semparuthi, Suara India Malaysia, Persatuan Tamil Neri, Yayasan Tamil Malaysia, Sekretariat Pemuliharaan Kaum Tamil Sedunia and others.

Representative from each NGO gave a brief speech to the 100 people, who gathered to show support.

The organizer demanded an international war crime investigation launched against the Sri Lankan government to be responsible for the thousands of Tamils, who is now displaced.

In the recent 196-page war crime report by United Nation, it is stated that more than 40,000 people brutally killed and 57th regimen is mainly responsible for the killings. It is also reported that banned weapon such as cluster bombs were used widely against the people.

The vigil ended peacefully without any untoward incident at the request of the police.

Video by Vijaya Kumar Rahman Citizen Journalist