Chariots of the Gods in Klang

More than 3000 devotees lined the streets of Taman Sentosa, Klang to celebrate the Masi Magam Magotchava Vizha, which is held on the 1st day of the Masi month on 20th February 2011, coinciding with the full moon.

The festival is kicked off by the hoisting of the Koodi Maram, located in the heart of the temple.

During the nine days festival, many events like pooja, homam, and milk pot carrying are held at the Rajeswari Temple.

Chariots (ratham or ther in Tamil) ferry the idols of Hindu gods around the Taman Sentosa and nearby housing estates on the seventh day. The chariots are gaily decorated and lined with colorful lights with the procession lasting more than 8 hours.

It is the belief that when the Gods go around visiting devotees at their home, the devotees will have the God’s dharsham (blessings) at least once a year. This is the only time each year that the Gods will visit devotees at their residence. During the rest of the year, devotees will have to go to the temple to get their dharsham

Therefore the devotees will offer the God visiting or passing by their house, archanai (consist of coconut, vilakku, bananas, incense, flowers), food, drinks and fruits.

Many devotees take this opportunity to have their babies and children blessed by the Gods.

Produced by R Rajeswari

Edited by KSTan

Citizen Journalists Malaysia