Flash mob at e-Curve

AFS Deaf Awareness Project (ADAPT) is a project that was inspired by the hearing-impaired AFS volunteers.

During AFS camps and training workshops, most of these volunteers found it hard to communicate with other AFS volunteers because most of them did not know how to do sign; sign being sign language.

Therefore, ADAPT was conceptualized as an effort to overcome this problem and at the same time raise sensitivity and awareness in our society by promoting Malaysian Sign Language (MySL).

AFS aim is to raise awareness of the deaf community and its culture among the AFS-ers as well as among friends and family by introducing and learning MySL in a fun way.

AFS Inter-cultural Programmes is worldwide, non-profit organization that has been leading student exchange for more than 60 years. AFS believes that the way to build a just and peaceful worlds begins when people from different countries & cultures meet, learn & better understand of one another.

Video by KSTan, Citizen Journalist