1st and Longest ‘Tail Monument Tower’ Temple

The longest and biggest ‘Tail Monument Tower’ temple Sree Veera Hanuman Temple is a mystical temple located along Jalan Scott in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

The temple is well-known among the local devotees for its ability to rid evil spirits or black magic.

It is presently undergoing renovation and reconstruction and when completed, the ‘Tail Monument Tower’ will be the longest and biggest in South East Asia.

Mr. Suresh Maniam, 37 who is the architect and chairman of the temple, has incorporated his own creativity into the design of this temple. The new ‘gopuram’ of the temple will be characterised by Lord Hanuman’s tail, making the temple distinctive in design. Hanuman is the monkey god whose devotion to Lord Rama and his consort Sita is well known.

Lord Rama is an incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu according to the Ramayana epic. To the Chinese, the monkey god ( Sun Wukong) is known for his intelligence, mischief, mystical powers and strength. Hanuman is said to have control over the nine planets known as “Navagraha” under his tail. The tail has immense powers and believed to be Hanuman’s most powerful weapon. Some facts and information of this new temple: · Longest Tail Monument Tower in South East Asia- 70 ft tail circling 47 rounds up the ‘gopuram’ · Each interior design carries specific meanings and stories; · The tail will surround the whole temple and devotees entering the temple be blessed and protected from evil spirits; · Lord Saniswaran next to Lord Hanuman – Solving many human problems esp for those having sani thosam; · Lord Siva and Vishnu be together in this Hanuman temple; · Original in design- no duplication from any other temples; ·

It will be opened until 11.00pm, giving devotees ample time to make their prayers. What are the challenges ? Mr Suresh was disappointed with the Immigration Department delaying and refusing to approve the work permit and visas for artisan workers from India. It does not look like the temple will be completed by December 2010 as per schedule. If the visa application for the artisan workers get through, then there is a good chance for the temple to be completed and be functional by end 2011. In the meantime, Hanuman devotees will have to make do with the existing zinc roof temple. I really need workers from India since they have the required special skills. We hope that the Immigration Department will look into this matter seriously.’ said Suresh.

Video by R.Rajeswari & KS Tan Citizen Journalist Malaysia