Day-8 Batu Sapi by-election: Poster war and the Rock

We take you on this video to the Rock that the name Batu Sapi derived from. It is no longer free to view this rock as factories have mushroomed around the area over the last few years and the Rock is now fenced up behind those factories. Visitors will have to pay RM1.00 to enter.

Into the second last day of campaigning, there seemed to be no end to the posters war as we zoomed in some of the posters. Posters were densely put up all along the Leila Road right up to the Batu Sapi areas.

The state seats of Karamunting and Sekong come under the Batu Sapi Parliamentary seat and it is a huge area said to be four times the size of Penang. Unfortunately we can only cover some of the most popular areas to give you a picture of what and where Batu Sapi is.

Video by Raymond Jim, Citizen Journalist