Estet : A true Malaysian movie

On November 4th, Malaysian audience will be treated with a true Malaysian movie. ‘Estet’, a film directed by renowned auteur, Mamat Khalid with a stellar cast, depicts a true Malaysian life with Malays, Chinese and Indian gracing the screen equally.

The story set in an estate, revolves around the multi racial community who lives in harmony. The comedy which was shot with South Indian touch has suspense and stunt which will awe the audience.

According to Mamat, he did not even request the actors to potray ‘unity’ in this movie, it has been there all the while. He hopes even the audience would feel the same when they watch movie.

Popular actor and director, Afdlin Shauki said that the movie is a very entertaining with all the right message subtly woven into each scene. 

Video by Muzain Minuddin, Citizen Journalist