HRP signature campaign petition to Agong for a Royal Commission of Enquiry

HINDRAF & Human Rights Party (HRP) have launched a 10,000 signature campaign to petition Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to protest what they claim to be injustices of the UMNO/BN led government denying top scoring and high achieving Indian students who have scored upto 13As in their 5th Form examinations.  The students have been denied JPA scholarships, and placings for matriculation studies and entry into public universities.

The campaign is also demanding for the setting up of a Royal Commission of Enquiry on alleged racial discrimination by the Umno-led government.

A memorandum with 12,632 signatures by HRP had been submitted to the prime minister on June 15 this year at Parliament House.

Hindraf / HRP statement:

This too has brought no development or action by government on our request.This was than followed by Police Report nationwide against the PM, DPM and the Higher Education Minister for denying the very basic constitutional rights of education for all especially the Indian poor students which is in contradiction with the true meaning of One Malaysia. Thus far police reports have been lodge in Wilayah Persekutuan, Kedah, Penang , Johor and Perak. The police report nationwide where Perak HRP have made the report on 2/7/2010 at5 Ipoh Central Police  Station too have enough development or action by police to investigate and solve the matter as per the Article 8 & 12 pf the Federal Constitution.

Now we have launched it’s signature campaign to Petition to King DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agong requesting equal rights in JPA scholarships overseas and local, PTPTN loan for all, Matriculation and University places especially in critical courses for all students with 7 a’s above according to Article 8 & 12  of the Federal Constitution. We also request for a Royal Commission of Enquiry  to be forthwith constituted to stop future such racially discriminatory practices by UMNO/BN. HRP will be submitting a Memorandum to the KIng on July 11,2010 at Istana Negara 2.30pm.

We believed the DYMM  Yang Dipertruan Agong will act as per the Federal Constitution of Article 153 of safe guarding the other races interest in critical issue. We believe this denial into entryu equal rights in JPA scholarships overseas and local, PTPTN loan for all, Matriculation and university places especially in critical cources for all students with 7A’s above as critical issue.

By doing this petition Agong  The Highness will help to put a stop these 40years of injustices against the top and high achieving   Indian students


Video by GV Shan, Citizen Journalist.