Unsung heroes of Papar Hospital

Never did I realize that the night of 4th June 2010 had become a night that meant so much to me at Papar Hospital.

It was an experience indeed for me and my family. Imagine the anxiety we all had when my father who was having breathing difficulty and required immediate medical attention. Dr. Goh Kheng Wee admitted my father (aged 90) and it was a relief to know that my father would be in good hands.

I would like to mention this particular nurse by the name of Farizan Ali (Male Ward) of how she went about her duty and provided the urgency. The other nurses who were on duty that night had touched my heart dearly looking at how they care for other patients regardless of age, race, religion or status.

My anxiety for that eventful night slowly subsided and was harnessed with gratitude and respect for the medical staffs that had gone beyond the call of duty and expectation.

What I saw that night is what I am writing now. Not only a nurse’s smile could bring relief to her patients but also those around. I guess this experience is a blessing because it has cleared my mind about what I have read about the misconstrued perception about hospital services. Thumbs up for you ALL!


Video by SL Chong, Citizen Journalist