Saving Subang Ria park

A 20-year-old lie and deception was revealed to the horror of residents of Subang Jaya when the current Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim recently declassified documents pertaining to the title to Subang Ria Park.

The previous state governments had since 1984, perpetrated this deception claiming that the title to the Subang Ria Park was erroneously transferred to Sime UEP.

The declassified documents now reveal that the title to the Park was transferred to the Sime UEP in exchange for 9 semi-detached houses and one bungalow in SS19 of Subang Jaya for senior government officials to stay. The 10 houses had been sold by the previous government in 2004.

After a 2-hour dialogue session organised by Subang Jaya ADUN Ms Hannah Yeoh, Khalid proposed to take immediate steps to right this wrong.
The dialogue session was held on 29th April 2010 at the Holiday Villa Hotel in Subang Jaya.

In a previous video titled “Subang Ria Park: A promise unfulfilled” made in October 2009, CJ KS Tan highlighted the issues surrounding this park but had no knowledge of this ‘houses for land title’ deal. You may watch this video here:

Video by KSTan, Citizen Journalist