Nunuk Ragang: The Kadazandusun Origin

Nunuk Ragang, according to legend, was the place where Kadazandusun civilization began. It is located at kilometre 54 on the Ranau-Sandakan highway and is about an hour’s drive from Ranau.

Every year the Kadazandusuns make their visits to Nunuk Ragang as a remembrance of their origin and ancestors.

Based on the documentary by the Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA), Nunuk Ragang means “Red Banyan Tree” in English (Ragang means red and, Nunuk is banyan tree in the Kadazandusun languate).

The Nunuk Ragang Heritage Building, also known as the BIG HOUSE to local villagers, is a 3-storey building made from a super-big tree. It is one of the most creative and interesting buildings in Sabah.

The surrounding presents a magnificient view of Nunuk Ragang and is highlighted by its location which is on the confluence of two rivers, namely Kogibangan (left) and Liwogu (Right). The breezy air is cooling and refreshing.

The annual congregation in the first week of July by KDCA to mark the installation of Huguan Siou, the Paramount Leader of the Kadazandusuns is ceremonially blessed and performed by the Bobolians (traditional priests / priestesses) after which a series of cultural performances and merry-making activities are held.

Video by S L Chong, Citizen Journalist